Overflow of stories and builds that I even made
Building a wonderful city in my mind where I could escape.
Probably some day I will stay with myself alone
Cause in an always perfect world there's no way you can learn how to be a little damn stronger

I always find any way to hide
Every flaw, whatever can be false.
It's just another way to see, an adventure to me.
Don't take so long and I'm lost in calm.
And now I know that I was wrong, when I created this home.
Cause when the walls start to fall down.
And every problems start to come, there's no place to run away
I'm stuck; I feel I can't get out from this town.

Isn't funny how we can leave everything that is no good behind?
Just remember the best of those things, and mould how it's in your minds.
I start to pretend understand what anyone says.
You know, create a fake city is, damn it, so easier than try to see the real as the best.


Then, then my conscience screams that there are a lot of lies in me...
Squeeze my soul, my heart stop I fell I lost and I can't breathe.
The worst problem when you think, it's that you know what doesn't fit...
But, tell me, who will want to stop living in a force with your best dreams.

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