All the saints joined, Conspirators in the night
Burning signs of any kind of revelation
Mystic chants on air, a new cycle has begun
Fire on sand, single light
On the deepest shadow of sea

I have seen this before
When the mist of night brought the silence to me
Constellations that reappear,
The old eclipse takes place
- ´till life is over!

Oh! Inti looks at all the pain and sends a Son!
Some signal like a lightening in a thunderstorm!

The royal blood in mind, fascinating all around
Single heart of a young girl watching all the shadows
A Condor takes a flight catching scraps of rotten flesh
Evil omens taking by cold winds

Raised hands to the air
Adoration signals of revelation
Puma of night begins to arise
Sunset is soon - death before midnight?

Snowy chains of mountains, the old huacas of the Sun!
Save a virgin from death and the forces of beyond!

("Let earth and heaven be,
Let a man be; Let a woman be,
Let there be day, Let there be night, Let the light shine.")
("Oh Pious Creator, who ordered and saw fit that there should be a Lord Inca
Cut not short his days, or the days of his children,
And give them peace, Oh Creator!")

Tawantinsuyu! The Four Quadrants have reborn!
Time to devotion, Mother Moon will cry no more!

("Ever present Wiracocha! Thou who art without equal unto the ends of the Earth!
Thou who givest life and strength to mankind, saying:
- Let this be a man and let this be a woman!
And as thou sayest, that men shall live in health and peace,
And free from danger
Thou who dwellest in the heights of heaven, and in the stormclouds, hear us!
And grant us eternal life.
Have us in thy keeping, and receive our offering,
As it shall please thee, Oh Creator")

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Composição: Fabiano Muller / Ricardo Durán. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Karina e traduzida por Letícia. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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