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Old Hymns / New Hearts

Tom McConnell

When I was lost my guilty heart
Was leading me astray
I put my trust in idols
That shall falter and decay

Whilst in the depths of my despair
The sinless Saviour died
And bore the wrath for all my sin
When He was crucified

Oh what a gift so freely given
And grace so undeserved
That Jesus came from Heav'n to earth
To serve and not be served
For all the wrong that I have done

My Lord has paid the price
And reconciled me
To His throne my Jesus' sacrifice

The power of our glorious God
The grave could not contain
Death is defeated, once for all

Because He rose again!
Jesus you and you alone sustain me and suffice
Alleluia! I'm forgiven and made alive with Christ

Alleluia! He has loved us so abundantly
Brought from death to life
Because my God has ransomed me!

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