Foto do artista Tommy Tutone

Shadow On The Road Ahead

Tommy Tutone

10 after 3 on a lonely night
moon´s coming out, something don´t feel right
and I´m running down a long lonely road
lord, I´m carrying a heavy load
and there´s a shadow on the road ahead
up ahead I can´t get by
scare to move, but i´ve got to try
´cause I´m a wanted man where I´ve been
I ain´t never goin´back again
but there´s a shadow on the road ahead
charged out burning in a reckless flight
now I´m alone in the middle of the night
but I couldn´t stay there and see it through
I won´t pay for things that I didn´t do
night fell down as I got in my car
drove all night just to get this far
It´s almost dawn, it´s just not fair
one more turn, I would have made it there
oh no, it just can´t be
I see the trees reaching out for me
God, I´m sorry for what I´ve done
they´re coming now, and I´ve got to run
there´s a shadow on the road ahead

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