I go into the city and want to have a pint.
On my way I only see misery.
Now I'm sitting here and drink more and more,
complain about the world: everything is shit!
Finally the high spirits of the otherstake possession of me ... many ours pass.
I go unsuspecting with drunkenness
and a wrong happiness towards home.

But en route I face a troop of brainless zombies from our society,
which appeals to me 'cause they haven't anything to do.

They have slam more than enough
And think they could do what they want.
But today they have catch the wrong man…
My mood changes again abruptly
And the aggressions boil in me.
A sentence, a punch and I fight
An unpromising combat like otherwise in Life...
...like otherwise in Life...

Sanity is finally the reason of my ascendance.
This time it turns out all right
but how does it is next time?
It's a battle, which you cannot evade.
Most people close their eyes
in front of what happens.
All scream "moral courage",
but nobody keep one's word...
... nobody keep one's word...

Wherever I look, wherever I go, I only see rednecks.
The TV full, the streets full, what should you think about it?
Aren't there any sensible people on this world?
What bad time is it in which we live?
All 're sluggish, only motivate for aggression.
(At last) they descend to the swamp of criminality
'cause they couldn't do anything other.
No values are imparted;
Only hate and hopelessness are shown them.

What had you done?
It's easy to get excited and complain about others.
But you have to try to understand them,
to know their background, because then you can see
if fewer they're guilty.

On the streets you can hear young people scream.
You can see how they run…
But I don't let them hunting me
Whether I'm inferior…it's a chivvy through life...
For my matter I stand and I don't let me twist...

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