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2 Hearts


You said you would wait for me...
But something went wrong.
The house was empty,
Your pictures gone.
I knew you'd come back one day...
Our love was so strong.
The past behind us,
It's here you belong.

'Cause I'm deep inside you,
You're deep inside me,
I always knew that we would always be.

Two hearts forever,
One heart alone.
I need to know your love is mine
Two hearts forever,
One heart alone.
I won't let go of you this time

You could've talked to me,
What changed your mind.
I could have been there by your side.
You thought you could walk away,
But you know that's a lie.
This loneliness is hard to hide.

It's so easy to surrender,
And temptation always finds a way.
You must hold on,
You know we must hold on.

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