Listen to Ron Hubbard's son
Dad was con-man number one
Through black magic dabbling
And drugs his books were born

Dianetics says I am
A reincarnated Thetan God
If I by E-Meter
M.E.S.T. a-ok
L.R.H. says: Jesus never
Reached potential grade

Jehovah's Witness make the claim
The only prophet of today
But every prophecy was fake
And so they upped the date

As they read their bible wrong
John 1, 1: The Word was a God
Triune God is of Babylon
The Church is of the beast

144, 001 and all that follow
Jonadabs that cannot go to Heaven

I was fooled again
I had made up my mind
That truth comes in styles

I was fooled again
Wastin' my time
With life changing lies

My self I love so much
Because the New Age teaches me
The source of good and secrets lie within

If this present life ain't good
Astral to the past one dude
You can make adjustments
In your linear time zone

God is you and you are God
So whatever you decide is right
Right? (S. MacLaine)

Joseph Smith a Mormon God
Murdered men, condemned of fraud
An angel gave him golden plates
Which no one ever saw

K.C. says that Christ was lost
Sign of Satan on the cross
Bore the Devil's nature
And was born again in Hell

If you've got a little bod
You can all become a God
Benny hinders true conversion
Christ is not within

I have faith in my own faith
Cause I'm a little God (Hagin)

I was fooled again
A message from God
That was only a fraud
Truth and joy was inside
But it's only in Christ
By a spiritual force
That had disguised its source
By the Lord's latest mail
But a novel from Hell

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