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The Threshing Floor


You see life as a game
That you don't want to play in
Born in a world
That you don't wanna stay in

There's only two roads
And none in between them
If you don't choose the Son
The choice you've made is against Him

Watch out! You're gonna lose
If you mess with your maker
Look out! You're gonna lose
If you mess with the snake
Beware you're gonna lose
If you think you can tip-toe in between

Your life is in danger!

You have made up your mind
That you don't need religion
You're such a good person
And you live better than some Christians

Well, I've got some really bad news
You can read it for yourself
Jesus came once to save you
Turn away and He's gonna slay you

Your life is in danger

To confessing Christians that live in sin
To the religious living by the law
Those who heard the Gospel and turned away
Lazy people who wouldn't make up their minds

Your life is in danger - Holy Danger!

Eph 6:11, Jer 6:16-19, Matt 12:30, Is 45:9, Matt 25:41, Rev 12:9, Matt 7:13-14, Eph 2:8-9, Rev 19:15, Joel 3:13, Gal 3:10-11, Luke 12:40, Luke 3:17, Ecc 9:12, John 12:23

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