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Elusive Stranger


Elusive Stranger
Captive son of mine
Dead and floating in the air
Feel the pain, the pain in me
Feel the pain, the pain

Elusive - lusive - lusive Stranger
Keep your eyes on me
Elusive - lusive - lusive - lusive Stranger
Touch me

Keep your eyes on me
Let my wings unfold to you
And watch me dive unrestlessly

Elusive Stranger stay alive for me
Elusive Stranger, you're as deep as the sea
Oh no, don't go

I'm alone in my madness
My empty room is full of people
Nasty wicked people
Please go

I touch a porcelain face
You could so easily break
I'm a ghost of the future
In time I will wait
Two hundred years and life will be mine
All mine
There's a part of me missing
I'm suspended in time

Build my walls around me
I'm a power heaven sent
My mind knows no weakness
My body holds all strength
Please come back to me
Don't go

Eclipse my life
Close my eyes
Let me start anew
Free my soul
No let me go
Split my cells in two

Elusive Stranger
You'd better come back to me
Elusive Stranger
Touch me
Touch me
Touch me
Touch me
Touch me
Touch me!

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Composição: Bogen / Bush / Willcox. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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