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Falling To Earth


I cannot sleep
The saint in me eludes me
This man is not what I think
He is a halo of thorns,
Spear in his side
Coaxing me to earth
A parachute eclipses the sun
Hovers on the slipstream
Hangs on every note
He denies me his knowledge
Eyes piercing and eagle bright
Lifts me from my dull existence
Hurls me off the cliff
In clumsy flight
Falling to earth...
The air's so good it
Gives nutrients and
Your presence builds
As you rumble on down the corridor.
It's rockin' and I feel as if
I'm floatin' in water but
I'm not drowning
I must be there
In every moment
Ten thousand decibels so mean,
It pins me to all four walls
Opening up my secrets,
I'm exposing myself
So uncool,
I'm storm-torn but it's really exciting
Spread-eagle in the air
This telekinetic hold
Christ, he's the mirror that
Reflects my thoughts
And he's pulling me from the firmament
The sun goes behind the mountain and night eclipses
Oh god, I'm falling to earth....
I thought I was supposed to feel prepared
Can you hear me calling
I'm calling on the esp telephone

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