Don't Believe In Stars

Trent Dabbs

See the thing about hometowns
People dying just to stick around
But I was never good at settling down

I'm just sipping this manhattan
And I'm thinking about your laughing
And how everything can't stay
And I don't believe in stars

Say you show up on occasion
Maybe the weekend we should meet
Maybe it ain't in the cards
'Cause I don't believe in stars

And I'm so far and I'm scared
No one else can make you care
Don't spare us the details

See my life is an awkward phase
My happiness don't translate
Call me up when you feel the same
Say you don't believe in stars
Say you don't believe in stars

I don't believe in stars
At least not that kind
The ones we look up to
They don't need shining

And we don't believe in stars
That don't even try
They just show up at night
Don't even know it's dark

Don't believe in stars

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