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Beetle Bot


Mackn with trish in the dark
On the docks turn the ambulance
Sirens up emergency baby i aint
One to wait i gonna get yer
Britches off any day now there
Gonna drop the bomb and were
Gonna be a bucket of bones we
Got an hour till day we got to
Go all the way and shoot the
Rockets in the rescue zone

Roll over baby say hello daddy
King adoption papers ready come
To dixie a dysfunctional home
Hostage all alone old soup on yer apron

Babe ill lick it off
I woke up to the alarm
On my radio those am airwaves
All ways set me off the old
Men talk all day they talk
About the same old things
Dirty sheets and a dirty
Hand full of blow thrift
Store opened and i gotta
Buy a pair of shoes gotta
Get her number and im gonna
Make a telephone call lets
Go splah some booze i wanna
Drink it off you told me
To get a barel
(and ride it down niagra falls)

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