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Brand New You're Retro


We know, yes we know
i set my ego on fantastic.
still, you're fuckin' with my plastic
take a second and medicate it
dedicated, medicated,
they bend and break me
overrate me
i take a small piece and make it breathe
it takes a second to wreck
Takes a second for a hit sucka niggas won't believe
They stress me, test me, vex me
So what, you got a gun?
that shit don't impress me
you, you, you always walks with a crew
you're a motherfucker cos' you're not alone [you bacdafucup cause you're not alone]
(and) you don't think i'm a brother, then check my chromosome
brand new, you're retro
i already passed you on a 1-2
i've been cued to this already
Bullet to the head.
bullet to the head, do you think I's joking?
What the fuck are you doin'?
You wanna represent my attention?
You need more than a mike and a mention.
Through the scars you see bars
Through the bars you see scars results of my rage.
Brand new, you're retro. (x3)

Scared to skip and step in case you trip and fall
Thunder picks you up, slaps you on the wall
That's maniacal, I cuff [the mimetical] through my manicle
Mechanical and super-natty
Love is not talk, I walk on by
Exotic spices
If your mouth can't tame the meaning
Carefull of the faces you're seeing
A dread of the past [In threat of the past] and fear of the future
That's maniacle, I cuff through my manocle
Mechanical and super-natty
Brand new, you're retro.

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Composição: Tricky / Adrian Nicholas Thaws. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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