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Emani Interlude (feat. Emani 22)

Trippie Redd

Yeah, uh, yeah
I love Trippie Redd
Yeah, Big 14, baby
Big 14, Big 14, baby, ayy, yeah, yeah

Gotta tell you something, coming up from overreacting
I don't be asking if you're lacking
And it must be something, you must feel the energy
You must feel it when we're speaking
I did it all for the glory, yeah
I did it all for the sake of love
So I gotta give my time for this shit
So don't you be playing with my time
Yeah, I got this mothafuckin' K
Yeah, and it'll blow your fuckin' brain away, yeah

I got a feeling that it's for real
Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah
I gotta flex to be your love

I hate you, I hate you, bitch
But I love you, bitch
Don't hit my phone, bitch
Until you get rid of that nigga, bitch
Then hit my phone, bitch

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