Dark... thou embrace my bleeding heart
My dreams... uniting our tearful eyes... enchanting
At night... I kiss the serpent in thy tears
For years... thy sorrow I've mourned

Harken my moonchild?s cry
Yearning for another night
Mourning my once beloved
Mesmerized and raven dark

[Vibeke]: Come to me, with your serenity
[Morten]: My pale enchantress of the night
[Vibeke]: Nightfall died, in thy tears
[Morten]: At last my candle's... burning down
[Vibeke]: Burning leaves entranced in mourning light
[Morten]: The winter moon is shining bleak
[Vibeke]: Bleeding time, walk a line
[Morten]: For thee my enchantress

Enchanting all my dreams
A beauty and her flood of tears
Nightfall embrace my heart
Mesmerized and raven dark

[Vibeke]: All my tears have enshrined my moonlit sea
[Morten]: My pale enchantress of the night
[Vibeke]: Nightfall?s here, but to me...
[Morten]: I desire thee

Fearful I walk with thee... through dusk... through winds of loss...
Her beauty and her flood... embrace... my bleeding heart...
Tearful I fall with thee... at last... lead me there...
To where thy shadows cast... they dance... in velvet darkness lost...

Rise... bleak winter full moon


[Vibeke]: In sleep desire for the light

In life... I kissed the serpent in thy tears
For years... thy sorrow I?ve mourned...

[Vibeke]: Dance in the garden of delight

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Composição: Morten Veland. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Traduzida por Adriéllen. Legendado por Shirley. Revisões por 4 pessoas . Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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