Before time he is, beyond uncreation...
In restless negativity
Through disorder begotten
Before life he is, behind this ill formation
Through which all seeds flow spoiled...

Goathorned abomination--
Batwinged archfiend corrupt
Eastern sword and morningstar--
Bane of the guidelines of god
Goathorned manifestation--
Foe of both spirit and flesh
Western serpent of deeps--
Ever chewing upon the bonds of ehih

Through the bloodline of cain
Whose banner we still worship
Tastefully manifested in determined corruption
Just water the plant of misgrowth
And ever upwards yonder shall it rise
To crucify the very fundament of paradise...

Goathorned abomination--
Heavenly massacre incarnate
Southern purifying flame--
Lay waste the protection of adonayh
Goathorned manifestation--
Devourer of the cunt of life
Northern corruptor of all--
Molester of auriels lovesick cries...

A sanctified spiral of warfare
In heaven and so alike on earth
Drenched in blood by the works of our lord
Father defier of the hidden name... shemhamforae!

Feasting at the cancerbreasts of eisbeth zenunim
We draw our sustenance from
The mother of all existence
From this place we shall not move nor call...

Goathorned abomination--
Ruler of the kingdom of redemption
Goathorned manifestation--
A throne seated above
The foundation of life...

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