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This morning I woke up with a great idea
I called my friends and they agreed with me
We where going to the polder where the fun should be
With our bags full of food, the fun was gonna be complete

Foodfight, foodfight

Tomato in my ass, Potato in my ear,
Spaghetti in my eyes and my hair was drowned in beer

Foodfight, foodfight

Cucumber in my troath, nasi between my toes
Pizza on my back, and nacho's in my nose

Foodfight, foodfight

But then the police came, and they took us away
They locked us into prison, where we where forced to stay
For the mess we made while throwing with food, the shit we werein wasn't any good

So now we're doing time for our...

Foodfight, foodfight

They brought our prisonfood, but it wasn't any good
So we started to throw again and we're never gonna stop our

Foodfight (tomato in my ass, potato in my ear) Foodfight
(spaghetti in my eyes, and my hair was drowned with beer)
Foodfight, foodfight

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