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Much After Feeling


Elsewhere for an occasion I forget
Noticing it feels
So much like the last one
Wonder if we’ll miss each other again
Working in the city
Takes all your attention
Always need a little bit to adjust
Now it’s coming down
Even more than last time
Hard to know if you’ll be wearing too much
After feeling how the
Temperature is inside

I know that they’re asking you
If you really want to be there holding on
Wait a minute
When there’s something going on
Are you happy elsewhere

I want to stay out
I’m wide awake
Everyone I know here came
I’m thinking about a different place
It’s somewhere nice but far away
I want to stay out
But when you’re gone
I miss the heat always being on
The moments here now
But not to stay
Do I try to chase it

Someone said it should be hard to forget
Tried to but I can’t
Remember the last one
Know we’ll probably miss each other again
Being in the city
Takes up my attention

Pretty soon you’ll have to go
Only got a minute 'til you’re going on

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