Two thousand lies,
Feeding self humanity,
The blood of nations spill into hostility,
The world devolves trapped inside a dying age

Lust for blood, lack of pulse, to lose humanity
Lack of god, death in life, damned into fatality

Blast from the past, a devolution
Taste abomination, face the human horror

Of guns and knives
Of our revenge flocked into a cruelty
The fall of modern age a false authority
The government, of false insanity

Damned for life, to the light, drugged into insanity
Down on luck, scorn on time, face the truth, reality

Blast from the past, a devolution
Spaced the compensation
Throes of desolation

Laughter inside of me, mace truth dying age

Died and locked, space and time, feel the hate, insanity
How would I, face the gods, I have lost humanity

Blast from the past, a devolution
Taste the devastation
Face the human horror

Life so trapped inside
Face the dying age

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