Better Late Than Forever

U1 Jewel Style

I'm Writing This Song to Tell You That I'm Sorry
Because I Know You Never Thought That I'd Be Away So Long
I Know It's Unfair to Ask You to Wait For Me
When I Don't Have a Real Job and You're Ready to Move On

It's Hard to Keep My Balance
When You Look the Other Way
So I'm Letting Go With Every Breath I'm Taking

So Many Reasons
I Need Something More to Believe in
The Time Has Come to Turn and Walk Away
Through All These Changes, Mistakes
There Was Time Now It's Too Late
There's Nothing More That I Could Say to You

I'm Writing This Song to Tell You That It's Over
Your Jealousy Took You Way Too Far This Time
Another Day Comes I'm Better Off Without You
So Now I'll Take a Deep Breath and Get On With Our Lives



So What Good Is Today
If There's Not Going to Be a Tomorrow
It's Too Much For Me to Take
I Know I Don't Want to Wait Forever
Just Remember
That Life Without Us Won't Be the Same


The Years That We've Been Through
Were Not Meant to Hurt You
It's Felt So Wrong For So Long So Now We Can Move On
As Time Helps the Healing I Can't Help But Feeling
That Goodbye and Thank You
The Only Words That I Can Say to You

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