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Burning Wheels Turning

Uli Jon Roth

There was turning and yearning
transition to crime
And slaughter and dancing
and cheating in rhyme.
In the lanes there were standing
A few of the Blessed
And the flames in their right hands
Shone bright through the mess.
And their message was strong
As their teaching was love
But the mass did them wrong
And they mockers the dove.
And wisdom was misting in white and soft
See burning wheels burning and he'll burn
in you, too.
And the ages werepassing
Then Mars took the rule
Pouring gem rains of ruby
As a war bait for fools.
And gazing in concern
At the fight on these planes
Other planets came closer
to take over the reins.
Deluge was their weapon -
Skies drowned in the sand -
Changing land into water
And water to land.
And wisdom was smiling in white and soft
See fiery wheels turning and He'll burn in
you, too.
And a crowd of crusaders
Outliving the night
Stared shocked at the silence
Of the white blinding light!
And the bloodstained remains
Of the great anti-christ
Were shattered by archangels -
those whom he despised.
And dissolved was his spirit
Soaked up by the Sun
And a new age was dawning
Thus all had begun...
And wisdom, was smiling eternal soft blue...
Sec fiery wheels turning and He'll burn in
you, too.

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