You and I baby
Maybe we can ride away baby
And I just wanna get inside inside
But I don’t wanna wait forever
Scared that I can’t treat you better than her

So when I'm gonna know what to feel inside baby
Maybe it’s just all in my head so

Don’t overthink this is love
Maybe it’s just a crush
Baby is this your love affair
I hope what I feel is enough
Maybe this is just lust
Baby is this you love affair
Your love affair yeah

I wanna know
I wanna know how to feel what to feel what’s right
I never know
Cuz when it gets real I just run away hide
From you
From you

I just wanna good time
But I’m wrong for that oh
Am I’m wrong for that no no
And is it not the right time
But what’s the wrong in that oh
Am I wrong for that no, no

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