Shadow in blue and indigo dreams
Hoping to take you away
Come close to see and feel the night slip into day
Blood on her lips and white powdered nose
Scraping the glass on the line
Head split inside like mirrors on razor blade lies

Paranoid city at night
Shadows frcm under street light
People in fear day by day
Night Creeper crawling away

Coroners eyes dart round in the room
Hoping to find all he should
Cigarette smell and the damp of this rain on the wood
Jigsaw of brains and body parts too, scattered like
seeds on the floor
Flashbulbs go off to the newspapers hungry for more

Lock up your windows and bolt up your doors
Heed all the warnings he's coming for more
Innocent eyes are not what they seem
Strangers are dangerous
They'll hide all your screams
Read all the papers and spread all the news
Night Creepers crawling and coming for you
They'll never find him and we'll never know
Who'll be next to go

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