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The Fall Of Arthrone


N Ap ertiaNoK al ruep, SerdneT tnaved L

Towers escaping by millions on floating platforms
Glowing from lunar reflections
Among these astral bodies, resides a faërie
Weaving a star, empress of space and time
It's a feeble attempt, to overcome the throne
Since the dispersion of the Orb.

Mid-season of the coloured rains on Arthrone's kingdom
Cowardness of the loathsome guards of this empire
A ball of fantasy disappearing in shadows
Behold, the fall of Arthrone
A goblin smiling by a flash of rune
The being of nothingness part with his domain

Vast extent of already forgotten beams
Observing his face with its impregnated ugliness
Crying under the whining moon
Dances the scarlet viper of our writings
On the stones, soon to be angels
When will occurs the destruction of the Orb

End-season, ashes and ruins for the rose
Myrmidon, this only bird in the wind
Source of lightning, reflection of the warrior
Behold, the fall of Arthrone
The quiet dawn of a tired sunset
Solemn scorn, all that is given to us

Ô, L engèr sed stnaSiup es treum
DnauK L enuL aruelp à siamaj
L sertêKna es tnorderp ne selioT
Lerorua esueicnelis snad nu rehcuoK ed lieloS

Ô, L engèr sed stnaSiup tse trom
Siuped L noitrepsid ed LebrO
Ctse L sertê iuK Stiufne ne snoiLim ed seLeKrap setnativél

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