"In this arid wilderness of steel and stone
I raise up my voice that you may hear
To the east and to the west I beckon
To the north abd to the south I shaw a sign proclaiming :
Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong"
The satanic bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey

You always follow the rules
Never think about the future
You've make your world a grave
Now it's time for us to come

Raise our weapons
And settle the true rules

You think you're the choosen one
But you are really nothing
We don't need a god to follow our way
I am my own master and that's why
We will win this battle

We are here to reveal the kingdom of darkness
Our armies are ready to come from Hell
And ablaze the sky forever

Death to the weak, power to the strong, dawn of the elite !

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