In time…
Why do I scream?
Why do I yell?
Because you don't try to understand the way I feel
No one ever listens to a word I have to say
Blind in their own minds
Tell me there is no other way

Today, I stand by myself
This day I screm as one
Tomorrow we stand one in all
Tomorrow's when we get things done

Once the feelings there
The emotions are inside
I've got to scream to express
The feelings I just can't hide
Now it's gone too far
It's finally to the point
To where I have to fucking scream
For everything I want

I scream to get my point across
I scream because I have faith
I scream because you lock me out
And it's the only way I can relate
In time…

Finally you open your eyes
Think you've figured out why I scream
You say I'm immature
Trying to live out a hopeless dream
You ask me why I do it
Does it have a meaning
I know someday I'll get through to you
Until then I'll just keep screaming

In time

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