When Worlds Collide
Then Drift Away
I Will Cling to the Pieces
The Ones That Point At the Way to Go
More Than Anything I Want You to Know

So Here I Am
Cold and Afraid
I'm Not the Kind to Cry "Jesus"
Or Put My Heart On Parade, But Oh
There Are Four Words I Want You to Know

I Need You Now
More Than Ever, Lord
Give Me Truth Over Mystery
'cause When You're Around
The Uncertainties
Seem to Fade Into History

Now That You've Heard
My Empty Heartache's Lament
I'm Praying Now That You'll Be Breaking Through
This Heavy Shell of Cement, and Oh
More Than Anything I Want You to Know

I'm Crying Out
I'm Pushing Through
I'm Trading Fear and Doubts For Truth
And Absolutes
Was Lost, Then Found
These Things I Never Knew
Without You

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