It's a cold world that we're living in baby
Wish I could change it but I can't
It's your life you can change it
Go ahead now make it what you make it, it'll be alright
Look around there's enough
Is where you'll find it
Taking time to notice the trees
Don't it make you feel happy
Just to know that you started the seeds
Giving us the air that we breathe

Clear days, sunshine, blue skies
Gonna make me happy
What gets you?
What takes you?
To that place

It could be the simplest of things like
Waking up in the morning to hear a bird sing
It's enough to make me feel
Or a good tune playing on the radio
Or some good food cooked by my mama at home
Is it
A little loving in the morning?
A little tipple in the evening?
Or getting high on some leaves?
Sit back, relax, just feeling free


It's all around
From the sky to the ground
Take it in your hand and
Spread it to the next woman, child or man

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