A child is born with no state of mind
Blind to the ways of mankind
But I can’t find the words that properly describes
The problems that arise
So I gotta decide to either keep it bottled inside or
Swallow my pride
But I got god on my side I’m a follow his guide
So I got down on my knees, apologized
For all the times my son looked in his fathers eyes and
Saw the lies and alibis
Next day to my surprise when I woke at sunrise
I saw my son rise right next to me
Put his hands on my head and said to me
In a voice best described as heavenly:
“The truth shall set you free”
“Stop letting me walk around with blindness on
I’m relying on you to teach me right from wrong
Cause one day I’ll be gone, won’t be a child for long
You’ve found your words, now go write your song”

Who, what, when, where, why?
How do I find which way to reply?
Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies
Surprise, the truth’s right in front of your eyes

Riddle me this
You see a man slitting his wrists
And he’s rich
Beautiful women wanna give him a kiss
He was given a gift but it wasn’t something he wished
He’d rather throw it all away for some ignorant bliss
To exist or not to exist?
That’s a question I try to resist
Deep like a bottomless pit
So I swallow my pride and follow my wits
My motto is this: Hold your head high
You could call it a risk
But if I can’t live on my feet I’ll die on my knees
Sowing the seeds of the struggle, I gotta be free
Or better yet I gotta be me
I gotta believe that if the truth is a lie then
Knowledge is key
So yo, gimme the question and let me dissect it
My questions are deeper than my jealousy’s best diss
An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind
I gotta find what I seek or I’ll never respond

We’ve been lied to, we got reparations due
While you’re at it, where’s our 40 acres too?
Save the mule?
In fact you can save the bull
Why should we believe anything you say is true?
Been waiting too long man, them days are through
We no longer cater to red, white & blue
I posed those same questions to you-know-who
He said: “ask not what your country can do for you”
I said well when exactly you gonna do for us too
And where will we be when it finally comes through
Forget it, I don’t know why I’m asking you
You stole our ballots too
We know how you do

The proud and few, we never ever doubted you
Until we found out how your accountants grew fat from
Laying us flat
Taking the rap obeying your crap
Seeing the real reason that we’re breaking our backs
And yo, we wanna know why the leaders are gone
People can die, corporations treat us as pawns
You can see that it’s wrong but you let them lead us
They’re the same corporations that you need to be
And I know that it’s a game
Truth is I shoulder the blame
I’m just another con artist making a claim
I know I need more than my words working for change
It makes me frustrated that I’m seeking personal gain
But tell me

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