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Hottest Thing


Verse 1
I've been looking at u, Turning brothers down, Song after song
Well it's time for me to holla now (your body is calling don'tfight it)
Ooh i like it, You're dancing alone, What's that all about?
You're oh so fine
But its time for me to call u out (Watch how I straight run up onya)
Girl I want ya

Chorus -
Ooh you're the hottest thing, in the club tonite
(Having) vision of making love tonite
With you constantly to the break of dawn
we can shake the spot if you say it's on.

Verse 2
Dacing so close got me up like WHOA
We're doing the most
Is leaving with U possible ( Your body is saying U want to)
And I want you, oh Baby more than U no sugar
If only for one night, I'll make U feel like you've been toparadise
(It's all up to U, tell me something baby, I know one thing)

Chorus (x2)

Baby tell me (what's on your mind)
Do U think that I'm being too forward?
Ooh baby by coming at U, Coming at u this way
I cann't help myself

Chorus (x3)

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