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Now You're Gone

Ritchie Valens

Well now, i'm sitting here alone
Wondering what i'll do
Whoa, little darlin'
Where, where are you?

Well now, i just don't know
What i'll do-hoo-hoo
Darling, just 'cause i don't have you
That's why i'm so-ho-ho blue
Whoa, uh-oh

Try darlin'
You're the only one for me
And they'll never be
No, no, i'll tire of you

Well now, that i've tried
Just wishing and praying for you
Well, there is no one
No one like you

Now, you're the only one, i love
And i'll al-ha-ha-all, always
Love you, so
Love you, so, uh-uh-ooh-oh

Love, ooh love
But you're gone


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