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Glory for Heroes


The woodland silence's sweeping the warriors
Desperate scream's tailing away
Then they hit in the cauldrons
The martial song has rung!

Charging valiantly
Among the way full of death
They befell the warrior to an enemy
Standing the bloody fight
Which's very furious

In silence among the voices
And dying heroes
With sword in his hands he hits
Excites to fight, forgetting
About yourself the ancient warrior

An anger burns eyes
The fighting scream's sweeping him
They don't hear anything don't see anything
He's citing and killing he's avenging
Cracking up among the enemies

A burst's panting a screams extracts
A mouth calling ghost about help
Throwing curses he's still murdering
Bloody comrades fall down
At foot bloody sword ejects from hands

Valkyries garb him
Hiking to gate of Valhalla
For him the battle finished
He'll sit among heroes
In hall of Odin!
Victory of Valhalla glory for heroes!

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