And you're so long,
Nice to see you,
Won't be long before I come back home,
When the plane lands,
Will you reach me,
Will you call me on the telephone?,

Tell my son I wish I never yelled at him yesterday,
Cause everythings changed
Radar signal seeking you,
But finding nothing at all, hey.
But they'll hardly call the calvery,
There's something happening.

Goodbye mother,
Tell my daughter,
Have to leave,
Get off the telephone
Theres a problem,
Sinking feeling,
Heros died and plastic on the run

Tell my son I wish I never yelled at him yesterday
Cause everythings changed,
And you, you gave me all you had,
I hope someday you will be happy,
Without me.

Lost in a world that's quickly going by,
You were there so strengthened you knew the ground,
Angels and the demons fight to save the lives,
While all the others cry

As for you, you made my life worthliving,
I pray one day you will be happy,
Without me.


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