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To Hell And Back


I have been to Hell and back, kissed satanic Queen
Traveling at the speed of light, saw thing never seen
Arm in arm with Lucifer, Belial on my back
I have swam the lake of flames, walked forbidden tracks
To Hell and back
To Hell and back

I've made love to Lilleth fair, danced the zombies dance
I have shook the reapers hand, broke his deathly trance
Present at ungodly births, mutants writhe in pain
I'm possessed by Hell itself, I'm the man insane
To Hell and back
To Hell and back
Ride with me
To Hell and back

You can take a trip with me, Hell's my final home
If you wish to live at night, watch the demons roam
Holding high the southern cross, watch the mortals bleed
Drink the blood and feel my wrath, watch the mutants breed
To Hell and back
To Hell and back

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Composição: Conrad Lant / Jeff Dunn / Tony Bray. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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