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I could be a different person
I could be a different version
But that's too much work for me to do
I tune you out and tear you down
And leave you in the lost and found
But then I turn around and blame you

Sometimes, you're so mad
That you have nothing else left to say
But even if you did say something
I wouldn't be listening

I'm so so savage
So cynical, it's clinical
I can't be held responsible
Savage, so savage
By definition my condition
Keeps demanding your attention
Choking on all of my damn pride
It's not what I thought it would taste like
But you know I am not gonna swallow
Yeah, I know I can be so
Savage, savage

I could try apologies
But even if I'm on my knees
Believing me is not what you'll do
Because it's a vicious cycle
I am seriously psycho
And if I go down, I'm gonna take you

Go ahead and provoke me, baby
Keep it coming
Know what you're getting into
Getting into, getting

Sometimes, I'm so mad
That I have nothing else left to say

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