Who d'you like the best, Maureen
Well, I think John's the gear…
I think Paul's fab…
Well Ringo's a bit of alright, tho', isn't he
Go on, it's George….
Ah, be honest….

We love the Beatles
We love the Beatles
Yeah yeah yeah yeah……

There's Johnny, Paul and gorgeous George and Ringo Starr,
And everyone in Britain knows how fab they are
We read about them in the papers every day,
Yes, we're crazy 'bout the Beatles and we're glad to say


Now Johnny is the leader and he knocks us out,
The way he sings the melody on Twist & Shout;
Aaaah, aaaah, aaaah, aaaah....
Paul and George are on guitar and sing along too,
Now Ringo fills the rhythm and they all shout oooooooh!!


Oh how we adore them
We'd do anything for them

We're mad about their haircuts and their crazy clothes
Dig everything about them from their heads to their toes
We've never felt like this before, so let's explain to yer,
We've simply got...Beatlemania


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