Embraced by spotlights,
Met by the storms of wild applause
And crowds shouting my name,
I was admired, praised by the whole universe
That humbly spun around my fame.
The brightest visions,
The most delightful, thrilling sights -
Reality to dream about.
All that have vanished
In just the twinkling of an eye.
Just fell apart and faded out...

(I ask you)
Could you tell me, mirror on the wall,
The reason of my downfall?
But don't you lie and don't pretend,
Tell me the truth like my best friend!
The idol, I have turned to trash!
It's not applause, it's sound of crash!
And crowd shouting my name
To execute me has its aim!
So tell me who's to blame?

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Again you play your vicious role!
So many hearts you break apart
Not telling truth from very start!

My cruel mirror! It must have been one big mistake.
How could things ever go so wrong? (Things gone so wrong)
It's just nightmare! It will be gone when I awake
And crowds will cheer my return! (Things gone so wrong)

For so long being hypnotized
By visions so romanticized,
I have become too glamorized
To open eyes and realize
That mirror lied to me, just lied to me!


Which of these worlds is mine?
Which one to choose, which to deny?
Ask me to stay with you
Or I will change you for brand new!
My cruel mirror, won't you tell me
The truth from very start?
My world is falling down apart!

Won't you tell me, mirror on the wall,
That I'm the prettiest of them all?
But don't you lie and don't pretend,
Tell me the truth like my best friend.
But this time don't you lie!

My Lord! Tell me! Which one of me is me?
Need to know this time which of these worlds is mine!


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