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Freak Magnet

Violent Femmes

Some magnets attract
some magnets repel
some magnets say
hey hey, what the hell
I'll take it both ways
first you come and
then you go
and then you turn around
and P. A. Y. S.
it stays yes it stays no
I don't know what
you're doing here
I don't even want you near
seem like a seem
like a uhhh ....
I'm a I'm a
I'm a freak magnet
I'm a freak magnet
I'm a freak magnet
I'm a freak magnet
and I'm calling all the
freaks from the
freak freak planet
I'm a freak magnet
well the birds of a feather
will fly and flock together
and the letter will
come whether
it's good or bad weather
there's a cut on my knees
cause I need to freeze
and there's a cord
on my coat
cause i need to
cut the rope
and you're talking
like sleaze
and you're looking
like disease
seem like a seem
like a uhh...
I don't wanna
date you ooo
i don't want to rape you ooo
I don't want to kiss you ooo
i will never
miss you because
some magnets repel
and some magnets
attract and some
magnets retreat and
then attack attack
i want it both ways
first i come and
then you go
and you're the one
of us who pays
who says yes? i say no!

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