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Fallen Hero


They called him crazy on the streets
Young and angry, one bad seed
He wore the colors of his call
He'd be the baddest of them all

Shoot out came down in a police raid
By a Smith & Wesson .38, at 17 he met his fate

Chorus :
Fallen hero, what were you trying to prove?
Fallen hero, all you got was front page news
It's too late, tough break, read your epitaph
Fallen hero, how many others will follow in your path?

He had a lady, she cries alone
It would come to this, she's always known
She remembers how he used to say
There ain't no future anyway

Pre-chorus 2 :
Sirens echo in the night
Now his name is the battle cry, of another boy who lives to die


And so the story lives on, of how his glory was won
And no lesson ever learned, of the tragedies to come


(Pre-chorus 2)

(Chorus out, ad lib)

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Composição: Jan Kuehnemund / Roxy Petrucci. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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