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Mark My Words


Access Denial, it's a visous cycle
somtimes he's not so sure if this is life or survival
he's caught in a rat race, his jaill is his workplace
he runs around in circles but he's standing in one place

Mark my words the sun will shine again
we'll see the light this time tomorrow
when will you learn, it's not worth giving in
just thought that you would like to know

She wakes with a headache, she carries a keepsake
she wishes she could turn back now, but fears it's too late
it's all so confusing, she's tired of losing
all she wants is love but everyone's disapproving


Somtimes my heart is cold, sometimes my eyes are blind
my world is filled with lies that clutter up my mind
sometimes my heart is cold sometimes my eyes are blind
but Jesus gives me hope, he opens up my mind

Lukewarm and complacent our faith's in the basement
one down and two to go but all that time has been wasted
were losing our first love, now push has come to shove
our minds are stuck on things below and not what is above

Mark my words mark your calendar
we'll see the light this time tomorrow
when will you learn, your prayers are being heard
just thought that you would like to know


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