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Fall To Pieces


Call me what you will
I have some time to kill
Before we go our seperate ways
I promise not to forget you
If you remember me too
There's somethings that I must do
Then I'll come back for you
I hope that you still feel the same
We can throw this all away, yeah
To be honest
I've tried my hardest
To give you, all that you deserve
To see you hurt, is all my fault
I'm stupid and I'm sorry
Fall to pieces (Don't wait up for me)
Lonely she waits(Congratulations, I'm not happy)
Absence makes the heart grow fond
So I'm gone
Don't wait up for me
Some thing are meant to be
I guess we'll have to wait and see
Until then I will hold you dear (Dear)
I never could believe
How you put up with me
You were never a last priority
It hurt those times to hear you say
You knew it would end up this way
So I'm gone So I'm gone
So I'm gone
I'm sorry
Forgive me
So Sorry
Forgive me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
So I'm gone

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