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Desert Trip


They close the door, they start the bus
I hope it's not the last trip that i have to go
A driving cage that carries me
To the place you cannot flee
Am i a dead passenger?
So here i go, the sun is rising
There's nothing that's surprising me on my last trip
Cause this is a real nice day for
A deadly trip to the insane corps
The madmen await me!

Desert trip

It's more than dubious what they do
And more than mad what i'm going through
In their eyes justified, the sun still shines
I count the lines
I count the days, left in haze, a desert's in my head
So it's right, okay, i have to pay, cause what i did
Was more than shit, i regret all the pain i caused
And if i could undo my goddamn deed
I would give you everything you need
Give me a chance and not a kick !

Desert trip

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