Hellborn we are
Raised down below
Baptized in fire
Blessed by the war

Death is our flag
To ride across the land
Revolution is fateful
War is the only way

Hail! Majesty of doom!
Fight! Forevermore!
You! Shall not stand at all...

Let us War!
Once and for all raise your swords
And call for war
Let us war in our hearts
The end of this world has to come

Raging on the battle
Into the killing fields
Triumph of the blood
The Triumph of the will

Let us celebrate
The crowning of the dawn
Dawn of a new age
Dawn of the kings of war

- Bridge -
- Chorus -
- Solo -

Chaos is bred in heaven
Is the victory of hell
Face your fallen world
Say your last farewells

Warriors of the light
Surrender to the dark
Have no mercy to kill
Have no fear to die

- Chorus -

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