Empty Haven


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The key did turn and locked away
what could have been pure, could have been love
The lights were out, the sheets are clean
These all, are mine shhhh... don't tell

There's so much blood that i feel sick
But blood is life, don't turn away
It's hard when beauty can't be trusted
It's hard not to care

Forgive me i'm falling
All hope now is beckoning
Give up your sences
Give in, in all our lies
This haven is empty
is my dying shell
No golden coins for me no wishing well
I stand alone for your last...

I place my hands before my eyes
to hide away to ease the pain
Tommorow seems so fucking pale
In past times for things undone
Over this mental grave i mourn
Wake up my love there's still hope left
But you'll stand here day by day
Year after year
Life after death...