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On The Subway


Today I feel a bit weird
I ride my own private subway
Past the towns of Yak Soo and Geum Ho,
I get off at the town of ApGuJung
This town kinda makes me nervous
So I take the train that goes the opposite way
I get on Train 2 and get off in front of YunDae and HongDae
I want to fall in love with a person that I met for the first time
All night, with a person who doesnt care if Im popular or not

In my red bloodshot eyes,
There are people who greet the new morning
Everyone is living normally unlike me
Why am I living like this?
When will my exhausting wanderings end?
With a frustrated heart I get on the subway again
People who are falling asleep,
People who are talking loudly on their phones,
Everyone that I met today must have some kind of dream
I go with the dream that tomorrow will be better,
As I ride the subway