Crystal Images
Love's reflection in a mirror
Is your own image in my eyes
Twice I gathered sand
Which meant nothing then
Emptiness in my hand

You my emptiness
Giving birth to hope
Twain vanished stars
And blinding light
Which created darkness within me
The terrace where our paths met
Blossoming the new aeon

Solemn passages of time
Intertwined within your thoughts
Passion melting everlasting frost
Emotions thus released

Transcending our feelings
We embraced in the sunset
The night reign paved to the sun
Waves caressed by moonlight

Eden the garden of delight
A mysterious black rose
Enchanting uniqueness
Possessing wild fragrance
But with thorns inflicting pain

Pouring rain washing our past regrets
Now standing together waiting rainbows

Holding forever these necklaces of promises
Hold them forever wear them around your heart
This feeling is eternal.

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