Happened one day in the studio
Dancing around in a do-si-do
The purple monstrosity was waving his arms
We were falling victim to his evil charms
He brushed against a candle and he started to smoke
And now we're all laughing at the dinosaur joke

Oh boy, Barney's on fire!
It's what we've always desired
We'll watch the flames get higher
Just don't try to put him out

(kids sayin "kill him" in the background)
Purple fur was flying ashes everywhere
And all of the kids just continued to stare
The guy inside the suit, he started to yell
We probably should've helped him but what the hell
He threw himself violently against the wall
He fell to his knees and he tried to crawl away

Oh Boy, Barney's on fire!
This is our secret desire
Well hell the flames burn higher
Just don't try to put him out

(break it down for me fellas!)

Barney: I love you...you love me

(Barney Screaming)

Oh boy, Barney's on fire!
This is what we've always desired
Want your help but stand the flames higher
And you better not try to put him out

Barney's no longer ignited
We're feeling somewhat slighted
He's laying in a heap on the floor
We poked him with a stick cause we had to be sure he was dead

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