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Let's Comc Iraq

"Weird Al" Yankovic

You know ladies and gentleman,
a lot of people think that I won
because I look pretty good compared to guys like me.
But I dont think thats it at all.

So right now I'd like you to meet
the man who's impecible sence of timing
contributed the most to my to my re-alection,
please welcome mister So-Damn-Insane.

O when the curt curt curt, curt is the word,
O when the curt curt curt, curt is the word.
O when the curt - bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iraq,
Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iraq.
Lets bomb Iraq, yeh lets attack, that maniak,
so now my missiles a cruising and giving me a brusing in Iraq.

Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iraq.

Sending home your plane, dont free when your pain,
So than lets do an in-alection you'd have to be insane.

Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iraq, yeh bomb Iraq.

I'm gonna do this like my pole
say do a proper gosés in Iraq.

Bomb bomb bomb bomb Iraq.

What will you do the day that i'm throu?
A bommer know the counrty that is nastier than you.

Bomb Iraq, bomb bomb bomb bomb yeh lets bomb Iraq.
Cuz i'm so damned if you do so dogged if you dont bomb Iraq

Bomb bomb bomb bomb KABOEM

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