Trial by flight and trial by fire
Such tempting invitations take me higher and higher
The cauldron is boiling and there's a message in the scent
Says get your shit together, you're the next ingredient

So don't tell me that it's pointless
That my voice won't be heard
Don't tell me grin and bear it
Cuz I know that that's absurd
Don't tell me that it's risky and that I might get hurt
Don't tell me what is pointless

Good bye big blue skies
The eclipse of this moment feels like a sigh
I'm having second thoughts
Because this road isn't easy but
I can't just sit there and let it go by

I could be a joker and you could be a thief
We could speak of our intentions but we both know talk is cheap
Don't tell me where you go to when you close your eyes
Don't tell me where you go to just take me there this time

One time before i say good bye big blue sky

I have roots and branches
Encased within my ribs
With one deep inhalation
I could draw you in
Will you build yourself a condo
Right next to my heart
Where you can come to visit
While we are apart?

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