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Hole in my heart

West Rocky

Don't understand why don't love you
No one could ask, for a heart more true
Sometimes i think i was born this blue
I should have know from the start...now
I got a hole in my heart
I sen to be missing apart oh, i pull the pieces together again
But this hole my heart won't mend, i was in love once long ago
I tried my best not to let it show, he was the kind tha'll always know
That's the kind that will tear you apart...now
I got hole in my heart, i seem to be missing apart
I put the pieces together again, but this hole my heart won't mend
I got hole in may heart, i'd be a fool to let you go
Tell me something that i don't know, he got the roses and the warn red wine
You got the thorms and these blues of mine
I got a rainbow i'll never find, stumbiling around in the dark

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